Are You Making This One Major Bodybuilding Mistake?

Having reached the point in my life where, being massive, is a long-ago goal, I am at the point, in my life where I simply want to carry some good muscle size—and stay as healthy and mobile as possible.

So, with this thought in mind, I am always on the lookout for new training methods—and books about living a healthy lifestyle.

Recently, I started a new book—which I will not name, because I am not done with it yet—but, something right at the beginning caught my interest.

They were making soup and the author was all excited, as he felt that he was finally going to get the secret he had been waiting for.

Well, the upshot of the story is, the soup was very simple and the author was surprised by this.

Of course, the person making the soup was not surprised at all.

If you are thinking, what does making soup have to do with bodybuilding—I will explain.

Over-the-years, I have come to realize, that, just like the soup in the book—bodybuilding really is not that hard.

Sure, I made it hard for myself—when I was just starting out on my bodybuilding journey—as most of us do.

But the reality is that it is not that difficult.


Please do not confuse this with being easy, as building muscle requires hard work.

What I am talking about is that we tend to complicated things, when we really do not have to.

With this thought in mind, below, I am going ask you one question—the answer, may reveal why you are not making the progress you want.

Here we go!


If not,

Why not?

Or are you constantly looking for the one magic training routine that will solve all of the bodybuilding problems?

If this sounds like you, I urge you to stop what you are doing, and take a week off from your current routine, and then come back and start working hard on the basics.

How so?

Simple, to me the basics will always be incline presses, full-squats (if you can do them safely) almost-stiff-legged dead lifts, overhead presses, bent-over-rows, chest dips and chins and pull-ups.

If you work the above exercises hard—you cannot go wrong.



I can hear some people saying, what about my outer pecs, or biceps peak, or something like that.

To this I reply, work on getting stronger on the above exercises—and once you have developed a solid base, then, and only then, should you worry about those kinds of things.


If you are struggling to find your way in the gym, simply do this.

Go back to basics, by working the above exercises hard.

If you do this—you will get back on track.