About Mark Portman

Not much for this kind of thing, but, since you are here I might as well tell you a bit about me.

Well, life is funny, way back–this was before the internet–when I was a young teenager, my best friend and I decided to stat lifting.

After a month or two, he was done with it, but, I was hooked–I could not get enough.

I would spend every cent I had–which was not a lot!-on the latest bodybuilding magazines.


It was Muscle and Fitness then it was Muscle Mag International.

It seemed with each new magazine I found, my love of bodybuilding only grew.

Of course, the years have passed and while I once wanted to be the proverbial 250 and ripped, I now just want to carry some good muscle size and stay as healthy as possible.

On my little blog you will find everything from articles to products reviews to supplement reviews, etc.

Come back often as I will update the blog on a regular basis.

Thank you for checking me out.

Mark P.