5 Simple Steps You Can Take to Increase Your Recovery

There is a simple truth in bodybuilding—or in working out in general.

You can put in the hardest workout in the world.


If you cannot recover form it—you will not grow.

As an example, I will use myself.

Many years ago—when I was a young teenager—I would train for two hours straight.

Did I recover from these workouts?


Was I having a blast doing it—well, yes, but, I still was not growing.

I, at this point, of course, knew nothing about nutrition, I remember eating handfuls of peanuts—which I realize now was not bad at all—but, I was also eating tons of chips and other things that did nothing to help my recovery.

Such is youth.

With that said, below, I want to give you five simple steps you can take, to help with your recovery.


Yes, rest, and not some crazy supplement is my top choice.

I learned this one the hard way, I was constantly coming down with colds—and it seemed that I was always wiped out—just dragging.

Well, one day, something just clicked, and I realized that all those late nights playing video games and watching the late movie—were kicking my rear end.

So, as hard as it was, I started going to be earlier—and while, I did not get massive overnight—I gradually “caught up” on my sleep and my workouts improved.

Yes, it is not easy, but, if you are truly committed to wanting to gain as much lean muscle mass as possible—turn off the T.V. and get to be an hour to two earlier—you will notice difference.


Early on in my bodybuilding journey, I read an article—that said something like, always eat your protein first.

For some reason, that clicked, and I have been doing it ever since.

Regardless, if it is a protein shake or chicken breasts—eat your protein first, while you are the most hungry.

This way, you will always be sure of getting your protein in.


This goes right along with, eating your protein first, if you are serious about making gains.

If you are not eating some lean protein, healthy fat—and just enough carbs to support muscle growth, every two-to-three hours—then you are missing out.

I know it is hard—we are all busy.

And I know some people do not have big appetites—but, these “meals” do not have to be massive.

Just having a high-quality whey protein shake and a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread—is a good high-quality “meal.”


Some people claim that the body handles whole food better than shakes—and that you will look better eating whole food.

This may be true—although in my thirty-years of bodybuilding, I have not seen much difference between whole foods and shakes.

But, again, this is just me.

Of course, the best way to figure this out, is to try it for yourself—if you feel better and look better eating whole food, go for it.

If you do not find much difference—then do what works best for your schedule.


The only way you are going to make gains—and recover from all of the hard work, you are putting in, is to be consistent.

What do I mean?


You cannot expect much, if you, eat six meals per day for two days, and then go three months before you do it again.

Yes, I realize, that this is a bit of an exaggeration, but, my point is, just like you need to be consistent with your training—in order for you to recovery you need to be consistent with your eating and also sleep habits.


You just busted your butt in the gym—great!

Now you need to get in some high-quality post-workout nutrition.

I like a high-quality whey protein shake, along with ten-to-fifteen grams of L-Glutamine.

However, you can go with whey protein and dextrose.

And, there is the old bodybuilding staple, white meat chicken and white rice.

Regardless, of what you decide, just make sure you do it consistently.


There you have it, five things that you can start doing today, that will help your recovery from your hard-core workouts.