3 Quick and Simple Meals for When You are Short on Time

One thing that I have learned over the years is that, you can never be too prepared.

Especially, if you are trying to gain weight—or get in shape for the summer.

When you are trying to reach a specific goal—missing meals—simply cannot happen.

Worse yet, being tempted to eat junk food—because you did not bring healthy food with you.

With this thought in mind, below, I am going to give you three quick and simple “meals” that you can eat in minutes—when time is short.

You may have noticed that I put meals in quotes, I did this because, these are not going to be—for obvious reasons—five course dinners—just simple—yet nutritious meals—that will keep feeding your muscles, no matter where you are.

Here we go!


My all-time favorite quick meal is simply a high-quality whey protein shake, like the one you can find here-and some mixed nuts.

I like to go with deluxe mixed nuts because they taste better than regular, but, this is just me.

You can also use salt-free almonds too.

I simply have several shaker bottles filled with my favorite whey protein—and have a container of mixed nuts with me at all times.

You can keep a shaker in your car along with some mixed nuts—it does not have to be the whole can, it can just be a zip lock bag full.

You can keep the same thing in your desk or locker at work or at school.

This way you will never be without some high-quality protein and fat.


Yes, the good old fashioned hard-boiled egg is a great source of protein.

If you have a refrigerator at work—or one that you can use at school—this is a fantastic option.

Two hard-boiled eggs and some mixed nuts works great as a protein loaded low carb meal.

Or course, if you are trying to gain weight, two had-boiled eggs and a peanut butter sandwich on some natural whole wheat bread—I like breads that have least five grams of fiber per slice, along with no high fructose corn syrup—and no hydrogenated oils—works great.


For those looking to gain weight—carbs are needed.

You can still use the whey protein shake as a starter and then go with either the peanut butter on whole wheat—maybe two of them—or some cottage cheese and fruit.

Of course, nuts work well as a high calorie snack between meals as well.

One last thing I would like to mention is weight gainers.

I was never a fan of these products, back-in-the-day as they contained—at least in my opinion—way too much sugar.

I was fan, and still am, of making your own weight gainer using a scoop of a high-quality whey protein as a base and then blending in a banana or some yogurt.



Realize that you cannot do that—on-the-go.

So, if you do go with the weight gainer option, try and find one with as little sugar per serving as possible.

Otherwise, just go with one or more of the options above—and just increase the amounts.


There you have it, several quick, yet, healthy meals, that you can eat, when time is short, regardless of if you are trying to lose fat—or gain weight.

Remember, that, just a few minutes of preparation can save you a lot of frustration—and missed meals—later on down the road.